Sunday, December 29, 2013

ClearHorizon Raven Complete

Presenting the Black Dragon, Raven class gunship.

 I just finished this 15mm scale Raven assault gunship from ClearHorizon miniatures.  It was a nice smooth little model and so I decided to do a paint job that was part camo, and part subtle sci-fi.   You have to look closely to see the textures on the green, the mottling for the camo.  And even closer to see the composite fibrous material of the darker "carbon fiber" like grey sections. There is an attempt at reflections of the trees on the horizon of the canopy as this ship is flying just above the treeline.    The nose art on the right shows the dragon head and 5 stars for 5 aircraft kills.  Tanks aren't worth noting as they barely stand a chance.   This is

I took two sets of pictures because I couldn't decide which background looked better.  Second set coming soon.

 Edit:  Second set finished

Muzzle flasshes in this one are photoshoped, everything else is genuine.   99% airbrushed.  I didnt both airbrushing the highlights on the hellfire missiles.
Google appears to be down so Ill upload a couple closer pictures when its no longer being annoying.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WIPs: ClearHorizons Raven and XV107

I just go this Raven from Harold over at ClearHorizons and put the first few colors on it. I think Im going to aim for something between halo and Crysis (which ate the past few days of my free time)

 And Next. I went a little mech crazed a few months back and this xv107 was the last acquired.
With respect to GW I dislike most of their tau mech lines except for some of their FW stuff.  It seems like most of their xv8's and 104's are clunky and unimaginative, but the xv9's and 107 seem to have a touch of elegance.  Probably the former designed for mass production and the latter designed to actually look nice.   Now if we could only convince them that a big cannon doesnt have to look like a silly upscaled version of the smaller one.   IE since when does a tank cannon look anything like a glock.  On the xv104 they missed this but on the xv9 commander and this guy they actually reimagined the pulse weapon nicely.

anyway, as I started slowly working on the mechs I started getting the itch to paint this guy as shown, so he got accelerated.  He is about 60-80% done. I was wanting to keep him high-tech looking but move away from my standard schemes a bit.   Nearly every surface on him has a subtle painted texture but they dont resolve at this distance.   more when he is done.
Now if I can pull off what I want to do with him. 
Happy holidays and I hope this guy doesnt drop down your chimney...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Covenant Heavy Plasma Pistol: NERF Diatron

And another one for the armory =)
A nerf diatron seemed styled after the covenant weaponry, so the paint job seemed fitting.

Edit: can anyone tell me why google/blogger adjusts the saturation of random pictures?  Some I can upload directly and others I have to send to photobucket so it wont adjust the saturation and make the image absurdly bright and washed out...

Click to enlarge

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stealth suits from Pierre

Pierre at sent me a couple stealth suits to try out.  I was tempted to paint them with the cliche half stealth half suit paintjob.  But the more I painted these guys the more I liked their sleek suits so I kept them looking high tech.  They are on a couple of my bases as these seemed appropriate and simple.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sniping with a bit of style.

I nearly always go for the sniper rifle if I cant use tech, biotics, or some other indirect means of taking out enemies so when I saw this rifle..... 
A Mass effect/District 9/sci fi inspired Nerf Centurion sniper rifle.  Just a bunch of texturing and weathering after setting the basic bland color scheme. 

Now back to little things... or some are little,  at least one more nerf in the lineup (covenant inspired).   The rifle is a fun toy with some decent power to it.  Don't aim at heads, and you should probably wear safety goggles anyway.  =)  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

WIP: Weapon in Progress

So I jumped on the band wagon.  Got my girls some nerf guns (we all know the excuse) so I got myself a nice big nerf Centurion sniper rifle.   Then I just had to paint it. Its not done, and I dont know how far Ill take this project but its moderately sci-fi'ed up. Havent touched the clip or the bipod other than priming.    Not sure If I want to leave this as a basic rifle or add some good old sci-fi glow to it.  Ill also need a bigger backdrop to take a decent picture of it.  And I have another mech about 20% done, Ill take pictures of him when he looks a little prettier.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

RAH 66 Complete

Ive loved the design of the Comanche since I was a kid and so bought it a couple months ago after watching ebay for about 1.5 years to get a decent price. This was painted to look like an anime or infinity styled sci-fi  chopper that sees action in the city.  And I often avoid painting the inside of a cockpit since I think it just distracts for the part of the model I care about.  Thus I painted the canopy to look like a fully immerse display where the pilot reads streams of data on the inner panels which tell him much more about his surroundings than his eye could... after years of interpretive training.   Sight carries a lot of information, but the human mind is highly adaptable and excellent.  Of course these "pilots" dont have great social lives outside of the nets.

This is a 48th scale chopper The rotor blades have a UAGDP or plasma sheath to reduce friction .  The Stinger missile is a close approximation scratched by me along with the fire.  The tail side stabs were also modifications based on some prototype RAH66 pics on the net.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dust Tactics Mech On The Hunt

Finished the mech.   Mainly focused on a bit of sacrificial weathering  and a few bullet holes and dirt/burns. Simple and dirty.   There are very subtle highlights on the camo but given the contrast of the weathering the texturing is lost unless you look really close.  Still I like the effect and it was fairly quick and easy for a relaxing painting session.  Bullet holes are admittedly a bit sloppy.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dust Mech WIP

I got this guy because he had a nice mix of armor and geometry that appealed to me.   Finally a year or so later I got around to slapping more than primer on him.  After the Dictator I wanted to play with a simple camo.  I almost left it an even simpler pale set white-grey-blue winter colors but decided the transition was too subtle so I might as well add some contrast and play with a simple "tree" camo concept.  I wanted mostly "vertical" gray-green sections to help him wait in ambush in shadows of a deciduous forest.  The top, not shown well here,  "rock" blobs rather than streaks so areal views make him look more like a piece of the snow swept ground.  Unfortunately the high contrasting streaks make the subtle transitions of the base almost invisible...My biggest complaint about these Dust mechs is their pre-assembled state.  I would have preferred to have the legs in two parts for painting but it was not to be.  Im picky but I like to have the option to pose my mechs. 

I also made a minor mod putting a rocket launcher array on his back in place of a vent.   Its a ridiculous loadout but hey, its a mech, the definition of ridiculous and we all keep playing with them anyway =)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Daddy Dictator, Get'em!

 Finally got good pictures of the Khurasan Dictator.  Ill be using him as a sentinel for 28mm minis.   If your lucky you go up against the little guy, or even a bunch of little guys.  If your unlucky you get the big shielded daddy wielding the absurdly large cannons. 

And my composite set. right click view image to enlarge.  Ill have a few pics of it in action eventually for my UFO game.

Edit: or should it read

Resistance is futile, you will be obliterated.    

Sorry I had to. =)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Painted Sports Car from 3d print.

Finished the crawler, though Itll be a few days before I get a good pic of it. Im leaving it shiny and so it takes a concerted effort to get non-glaring photos of such a mech.  But its beautiful shiny in person. Also finishing up the commanche RAH 66.  Adding a missile and basing it.

But as for the 3d models here is a picture of my abosolute favorite of the set (finished about a year ago). the Viper sport.  I only ever 3d printed 1 and was so in love I painted it rather than trying to recast it.  Besides, recasting this sucker would have been a pain.   Ive tweaked the design to make it a 4part model or so for casting but I dont see enough of a need to have more.  This one too was so shiny it took a while to figure out how to get a good picture.  You still cant quite see the iridescent effect of the deep teal green on the fuel-cell fenders. I know many people cant take my style of painting,   Im sorry. but only slightly =)  Camo is moderately easy,  this is hard and awesome!  The central area is supposed to be a glass material with a very busy HUD cockpit.  The wheels glow just because its cool and they felt left out otherwise.
And an early picture that had several of my cars painted up as high-tech as I could get them.  As with everything else in the line shiny organic and very busy.   Notice the switch blade bike (lower left) has a nice reflection of the dusk horizon on the cockpit.  

Ill try to find the nautilus pics tomorrow.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Website Maintainance and 3D Modeling

I did a bit of website maintenance today to my commissions site  It needed it.  Will add more later but for now at least cleaned up the gallery of some of the crappier paint jobs from 5 years ago and added some 3d renders to the 3d commission page.  Painting is my main passion, but when I cant find the model I want, I make it!

Here are a couple of my favorites. As you can see I love my organic designs.  Though Ive done a lot of techy designs too.  Pictures of painted versions of these will be up in a few days.

The Nautilus Dreadnaught, Fleet scale. I had a sketch of this guy for years and it was him that prompted me to learn modeling for miniatures.  

The Deathray Organic Interceptor.  Bred for space and high atmospheric combat, this Banshee rips through enemy formations without mercy. 

 The Viper Sports car.  Uses external polymer fuel cells linked directly to the induction wheels.  Extremely powerful, recharges in the sun (albeit slowly) but has no effective armor and a single bullet, or piercing piece of road debris penetrates the fuel cells and causes catastrophic shorting and ignition of the fuelcells.  The high durability glass-ceramic cockpit is the only saving grace for its driver.  Depicted here with pulse rifle and particle cannon addons.
The Macromphal Breach carrier.  Big brother to the Nautilus Dreadnaught above.  Dont even try to approach it with anything larger than a bomber, you wont get close.  Four high power rail cannons will track and splash anything larger than a corvette because Sir Isac newton is the deadliest...... in space.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP: Crawler nearly charged and ready to punish

Almost done with this model by Khurasan. Just a few finishing touches and dirt and this guy should be done.  Not quite what I origionally intended but better I think that the original plan for the topography of this guy.  I may want to try out the other idea on a spider as I think that would be more appropriate for that model.

This Crawler mounts crystaline plate polarized armor shielding it from all but the most destructive firepower.  Since the model was payment for another job i made a few modifications.  I rotated the primary cannons 90 degrees so it could sweep landscape  of ground troops more efficiently with a flatter fanning firepower profile.  The leg guns, not quite right if the model is used at 28mm, were polished down to make shield charge spheres acting as high energy nodes for the shielding.   The front weapons were replaced with kitbashed and scultped slim pulse guns with oversized heatsinks to chew up troops who got under the range of the primary cannons.

Ill hopefuly have this guy finished in a few days and ready to go splatter some 28mm troops.    He is perfectly sized to walk through my sci-fi city streets, destroying cars and mowing down troops.    My games are always such happy rutheless places.   They warm my black lump=)

The Crawler,  when overwhelming firepower is just fun!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crawler WIP and Guess those mechs!

First up, a Crawler from Khurasan.   I wanted either a crawler or a spider from Antenociti, and Khurasan came through so lets try this idea on his mech.  Im going to repurpose this mech for a 28mm sci-fi game as I think its a good city street size mech reminding me a bit of G.I.T.S.   So I want it to scream High-tech Sentinel.  He has to be painted in parts as he is too curvy otherwise.  But labors of love are worth it.

 Next, I had asked Dwartist to suggest a few mechs. I wanted something different for my birthday last month.  One he suggested is this guy below.  Anyone recognize him?  I think he had over 200 parts.  I got spoiled to resin which rarely exceeds 20-40.
 And upon completing the assembly above I recalled I in fact had a mech from armored core in a box somewhere still packed since the move.  I finally rescued the guy.  Im now neck deep in mechs and battle suits.  a great place to be.  Choices Choices.. and zeps.

Friday, November 8, 2013

15mm Hell Divers "airbrushed"

Harold at Clear Horizon sent me a few of his Hell divers as a challenge and I was happy to try it since they are roughly the size of my nozzle assembly.   I tried and found you can put 3 into my small paint cup for the airbrush.  So I tried my best to do a camo and hydrophobic wash on them. And with one did a quick little modeling of a rocket firing.  These are 95% airbrushed.  The reflection spots on the helmets are the only exception.

And a minigun drone I'm painting to be a near future sentry drone for my UFO games. Im hoping to do something like him but a lot more detailed and complicated on either a Khurasan Crawler or Antenociti spider.... We shall see

Next, a peek at something I hope to finish in a few weeks. As long as I can figure out how to finish him. 

And finally, I made these scabbards a few weeks ago for a couple swords.  I need to figure out how Im going to upholster them.  I was thinking airbrushing a "gold leaf" pattern into them...  Glossy varnish doesn't photograph well without a light booth. Perhaps Ill not be lazy next time and set it up.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fighting orb skimming into action.

Since I finished the big project I went small.  I have a few of Clear Horizons troops challenging my airbrush skills (the little suckers are about the size of my nozzle assembly!)  and some stuff for Khurasan.  First one finished so far is one of his new fighting orbs.

I initially finished this one glossy but, gloss is a pain in the rear to photograph, so I matted it.  Ill probably make it glossy again for my display shelf.   I like shiny.

 99% airbrushed, exception is the eyes.  I particularly like the Halo'ish red-violet personal armor.  Remember this little guy is not much bigger than my nozzle.  Yea that was fun to airbrush.

Ooh shiny... Photoshopped in pulse firing, of course.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Iron Angels Achilles Pattern Land Raider: FINISHED

Ok that took a while, but everything worth while takes effort. I think this one was well worth it.  And as always, parting with my new child will be difficult. Give it a good home and dispense some indiscriminate justice!
95% airbrushed .  3 decals applied and blended in, mostly, stupid stubborn air gaps.  Cutting decals over armor pannels is annoying at best.  Lens glare brushed.  Metal chips and track dirt sponged. All else airbrush work.

For my first space marine vehicle (excludes one chaos pred) I think it turned out well.  
Next... something tinny and less involved!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unit emblems applied.

Probably just a few hours left on this guy. The hard parts are all done, just a minor bith of weathering and lighting and finish off the guns and exhaust ports. .

I printed off an array of decals but decided just to use 3 of the largest.  So I guess there will be plenty for him to put on his marines if he chooses.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

LandRaider: Wings and contrast

Small progress as I spent a fair amount of time designing the quasi tech-tribal-wings to go on top. I wanted them to be more stylized and had to stop myself from going too overboard with intricacies so they didn't pull too much attention.  Now on to the unit emblem which will most likely be the custom transfer I designed to his specs, and then go back to the simple painting and a minor touch of weathering. 

When in doubt, Skip to the HARD PART

I decided enough of the base was done to just skip ahead to the punch line and focus on getting that right before going back and doing the simpler stuff. 100% airbrushed, and sadly about the limit of my skill, but I do see paths for getting better now that Ive actually tried painting a tinny person with an airbrush.

Probably a tinny bit more work on the chainsword and blending her.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Custom Unit Patch

Something fun for the land raider.
A custom banner transfer for his unit.  Itll get a bit more work but this is the first step.

edit: requested a change to not be confused with UM's  THis may take a few iterations but they are easy iterations