Friday, October 4, 2013

Another new and old model.

Both from Antenocitis Workshop.
The first, a Hover tank.  I got this about a year ago and had it sitting for a while. Finally decided I wanted a mixture of bold and camo.  The bold being a more sci-fi out there  but not too far out there so that it went well with the camo.  To pull the camo theme in I tried another version of the hex camo Ive been using lately. The purple on the sides are supposed to be shield deflectors charging up, while the main rail cannon is painted to look like it is firing with a projectile nearly to the end of the rails/muzzle.  The Base is one of my designs from my failed kickstarter.  I may sell these bases if my casters get around to finishing my order...Pretty please.  Or is it time I pull out the pressure tank and do it myself. ... But Id much rather paint!

Bucephalus Grav-Tank

And to go with it, a Warthog 28mm I got at the same time.  This one I painted to be a futuristic carbon fiber at night.  So I picked up some highlights on edges but mostly kept to very dark shades shadowing the CF pattern.

And finally, yes there is a link.  I used the warthog, as it had simpler geometry, to figure out how to paint carbon fiber for this XV9 battlesuit.    But the carbon fiber was only half of the desired effect.  To complete my vision for this model I also painted a few shields and chose the best 3 to complete this. I love the way the shields turned out. 

Better views of it can be seen here, but here are a couple.

Now Im keeping an eye out for models that need shields.  Maybe an infinity model or something, any suggestions?  Or awesome holograms....?

And.. hopefully in a few days Ill have some more battlesuits done.  I have one lizard TAG from infinity, and two suits from Zandris IV!   


  1. Those are awesome. I especially love the carbon fiber effect and the shields. Those shields are amazing.

  2. How did you do the shields for the tau commander? Clear plasticard and then an airbrushed mesh ?

    1. That works, Or Tis the season to go buy super cheap plastic xmas ornaments, cut those up (be very careful, use safety goggles) and paint that! Hot air gun and plasticard also work.

  3. This is amazing. I've just ordered some 100mm Christmas baubles from ebay. Im gonna try this on a White scars jetbike librarian. Any tips on the painting?

    Cheers bro.