Saturday, October 5, 2013

Infinity Lizard and Zandris Suits

For now I think Ill call these done.  I started these a few months ago but took my time trying to figure out the color schemes.  Again trying to push my own boundaries for color choice.  The Infinity Nomad? Lizard TAG painted white as a primary and purple gray secondary.

A Zandris IV Bouncer using a dark blue secondary and orange red primary. The recoiless rifles I repainted to look like high energy rail rifles because I like that, "just about to unleash hell" look to an energy weapon. The visor of the Bouncer is supposed to be a multifaceted lenslet array with hud overlay,

 Finally a Zandris IV Pendekar with a more traditional, (for me) green primary and gray secondary.   I dirtied this one up a bit more since I kept to a simple color and slightly exaggerated shading scheme. 

    The bases for all are my own design in very low level production mainly for my own needs since I haven't bothered to setup a website for Sci-fi car sales and who knows if Ill ever get around to that.  Painting is more fun.  These are 99% airbrushed. A bit of touch up was done on the coppery bits.

This takes care of most of what I had on the table in a partially painted state.   Hopefully Ill get something from Antenociti or Khurasan soon.   Or maybe Ill get around to finishing and painting my comanche or carrier Zeppelin.


  1. that color schemes are insane! I'm amazed by your skills, and it's not because here, it's 2 of the morning!

  2. 2 in the morning is where great ideas are born! =)