Thursday, October 3, 2013

Well lets give this a try.  Over the years ive been posting to a variety of sites including
Deviant art
starship combat news
TMP and even some airbrush and model sites.   Yet one problem encountered is no one is quite appropriate for everything that I paint.  Airbrushers dont generally care about miniatures despite them being flipping hard to paint with just an Airbrush (Yes Im a masochists)
Anyway I decided to start this blog. We shall see if I stick with it or just keep posting primarily to other sites. as appropriate. One common theme will be,  95-100% airbrush work.

So for now Ill do the "standard blog" tracking some of what Im doing, or most likley just finished.  However, in down times or just for fun Ill post some oldies but goodies.

So lets just start with these three.  I will have a habit of posting composite pictures, since I like them for some reason over individuals. 
First up is a 15mm drop pod from Clear Horizon miniatures.  This is about the size of a silver dollar with the doors open.   I modeled the flame and then painted it.    99% airbrushed other than the bullet ding highlights.

And a blast from the past.  A dropship in a similar style.  This is an Iron Wind Metals union dropship.

Or photoshopped into an appropriate background.  This is a NASA image.  And helps to depict this drop shop just entering the upper atmosphere amidst an invasion force.  Several explosions can be seen "reflected" off of the SENMM (thats space-earth non metal metallic =)  We also have a bit of frictional heating on the ventral section  and OSL from the retro firing rockets.  This particular dropship is painted with the Summer's storm mercenaries emblem.  Said emblem was never actually colored in any old battletech book I could find, so I made up the colors based on descriptions, and a black and  white image.    You can also see absurdly close planets and  starfields reflected off of the hull.  Not as well painted as the clear horizons drop pod, but still one of my early favorites.



  1. uh... simply one question... are you the god of airbrushing? Because if not, you're skills are beyond human level!!! Totaly awesome painting here!

  2. I am the slave of airbrushing. Notable difference that. The airbrush controls me. Thankfully it lets me sleep from time to time or paint for my girls.