Thursday, November 14, 2013

Crawler WIP and Guess those mechs!

First up, a Crawler from Khurasan.   I wanted either a crawler or a spider from Antenociti, and Khurasan came through so lets try this idea on his mech.  Im going to repurpose this mech for a 28mm sci-fi game as I think its a good city street size mech reminding me a bit of G.I.T.S.   So I want it to scream High-tech Sentinel.  He has to be painted in parts as he is too curvy otherwise.  But labors of love are worth it.

 Next, I had asked Dwartist to suggest a few mechs. I wanted something different for my birthday last month.  One he suggested is this guy below.  Anyone recognize him?  I think he had over 200 parts.  I got spoiled to resin which rarely exceeds 20-40.
 And upon completing the assembly above I recalled I in fact had a mech from armored core in a box somewhere still packed since the move.  I finally rescued the guy.  Im now neck deep in mechs and battle suits.  a great place to be.  Choices Choices.. and zeps.


  1. Love that hex pattern... I think that walker will do great in 28mm...

  2. Hey, love your work and would really like to find stencils you use for electrical circuit designs. Any pointers?

    1. In this case the hex is commercial hex camo patterns, solid rigid stencils.
      The circuits are still my custom rather expensive stencils. It cost like 40-50usd per sheet but was high res to my standards. They are however quite fragile and require great care in using.

  3. Thanks, I've managed to get the Anarchy hex stencils but all the commercial circuit patterns are too large :( . Your work has really helped me to get motivated and push my technical skills, so thank you