Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dust Mech WIP

I got this guy because he had a nice mix of armor and geometry that appealed to me.   Finally a year or so later I got around to slapping more than primer on him.  After the Dictator I wanted to play with a simple camo.  I almost left it an even simpler pale set white-grey-blue winter colors but decided the transition was too subtle so I might as well add some contrast and play with a simple "tree" camo concept.  I wanted mostly "vertical" gray-green sections to help him wait in ambush in shadows of a deciduous forest.  The top, not shown well here,  "rock" blobs rather than streaks so areal views make him look more like a piece of the snow swept ground.  Unfortunately the high contrasting streaks make the subtle transitions of the base almost invisible...My biggest complaint about these Dust mechs is their pre-assembled state.  I would have preferred to have the legs in two parts for painting but it was not to be.  Im picky but I like to have the option to pose my mechs. 

I also made a minor mod putting a rocket launcher array on his back in place of a vent.   Its a ridiculous loadout but hey, its a mech, the definition of ridiculous and we all keep playing with them anyway =)

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