Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP: Crawler nearly charged and ready to punish

Almost done with this model by Khurasan. Just a few finishing touches and dirt and this guy should be done.  Not quite what I origionally intended but better I think that the original plan for the topography of this guy.  I may want to try out the other idea on a spider as I think that would be more appropriate for that model.

This Crawler mounts crystaline plate polarized armor shielding it from all but the most destructive firepower.  Since the model was payment for another job i made a few modifications.  I rotated the primary cannons 90 degrees so it could sweep landscape  of ground troops more efficiently with a flatter fanning firepower profile.  The leg guns, not quite right if the model is used at 28mm, were polished down to make shield charge spheres acting as high energy nodes for the shielding.   The front weapons were replaced with kitbashed and scultped slim pulse guns with oversized heatsinks to chew up troops who got under the range of the primary cannons.

Ill hopefuly have this guy finished in a few days and ready to go splatter some 28mm troops.    He is perfectly sized to walk through my sci-fi city streets, destroying cars and mowing down troops.    My games are always such happy rutheless places.   They warm my black lump=)

The Crawler,  when overwhelming firepower is just fun!


  1. A work of art! Will we get to see some pics of it in action!?

    1. But of course. It will fit in to my sci-fi map perfectly.

  2. I've just come across to your blog on recommendation from Mr. Harold- I'm absolutely blown away- the painting is ridiculously brilliant! Makes my airbrush efforts look more than a bit sorry. Fantastic!