Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WIPs: ClearHorizons Raven and XV107

I just go this Raven from Harold over at ClearHorizons and put the first few colors on it. I think Im going to aim for something between halo and Crysis (which ate the past few days of my free time)

 And Next. I went a little mech crazed a few months back and this xv107 was the last acquired.
With respect to GW I dislike most of their tau mech lines except for some of their FW stuff.  It seems like most of their xv8's and 104's are clunky and unimaginative, but the xv9's and 107 seem to have a touch of elegance.  Probably the former designed for mass production and the latter designed to actually look nice.   Now if we could only convince them that a big cannon doesnt have to look like a silly upscaled version of the smaller one.   IE since when does a tank cannon look anything like a glock.  On the xv104 they missed this but on the xv9 commander and this guy they actually reimagined the pulse weapon nicely.

anyway, as I started slowly working on the mechs I started getting the itch to paint this guy as shown, so he got accelerated.  He is about 60-80% done. I was wanting to keep him high-tech looking but move away from my standard schemes a bit.   Nearly every surface on him has a subtle painted texture but they dont resolve at this distance.   more when he is done.
Now if I can pull off what I want to do with him. 
Happy holidays and I hope this guy doesnt drop down your chimney...

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