Sunday, March 9, 2014

Craftworld Shipyard gearing up

I have 2 of 3 super heavy fliers for this comission in hand, and have them mostly assembled. 

This took a bit of... acrobatic work.  First a mild rant.  Who the heck makes a model that requires a flipping hacksaw to remove the gates!  oh well, I suggest dish soap as a lubricant and dust collector when sawing resin, and use a filter to collect excess and a dust mask.   Or do it outside.   Next.  Clean and re-oil your blade when done. 

Next rant... I had to use hot water,  a heat gun, and eventually a belt sander to make the primary fuselage parts fit together.  I ended up pinning most of it with 1.5mm steel pins.  The wings were the main exception.  Those I cyanoacrylate'ed on then after it was cured used masking tape to contain the leaks on one side while pouring epoxy into the other to shore up gaps, solidify it, and ensure it cant flex enough to break the CA.   I may drill a few holes through the fuse and wing and pin those together after everything sets just to add a bit of strength... we shall see.   But the tail bulkhead  of both fuses had significant mismatches like the mold was badly deformed.  One I fixed with a few hot water sessions.  The second I used a heat gun and heat gloves to get the entire thing compliant, then forced it to conform to a ruber-banded fuse.  Things fit well enough now I can use epoxy or epoxy putty to shore up the rest.  

The next fun part will be to figure out how this sucker is going to be mounted.  Thats a lot of weight....

Most of the guns longer than 2cm and the turrets have been magnetized so they wont just break off.  Im contemplating magnetizing the vertical stabs aswell though it wont look quite as nice if I do at the seams.  But at least that way the client is less likly to break them in use or transport... Ill have to dwell on this one a bit longer. 

Then Ill need to inspect and probably use a heat gun to gently adjust the pointing of the leading edges of the wings.

But finally the main components are assembled so I can do a cursory painting of the inside before I seal it up, smooth the external transitions with sanding, cutting, or putty, then prep and paint the outside. 
I expect the third of this trio to arrive this week.  Then... ON TO PAINTING   YEAY!!!.


  1. Love your work Steve - admittedly feeling a little ashamed of how much of a mongrel they were to assemble though. Masterful assembly on both accounts all the same, i'm just glad they're in your capable hands!

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