Friday, March 21, 2014

Eldar Craft-world-building Dras'Volharr WIP

When I started this "business" I named it ThirdFateCreations for a reason.  I like creating, more than just slapping paint down.  And this client is awesome as he is giving me a very loose leash to do just that. 

Ive been busy building the third Vampire, and while waiting for glue to dry started playing with world building, or at least emblem building.  After a few guiding features I took some artistic liscence with the inspiration images we have tossed back and forth, and morphed them to the eldar'ish style, with a bit of my own "flair" to make a craftworld symbol set that is fairly unique.  He wanted a dragon, a scorpion, and an eclipse.  Ive since expanded it for an air wing for the vampires, a reaver or farseer piloted titan set,  and different titan with the scorpion tail and poison.    I may play with a few more depending on how far he wants to take this(I have a few ideas for different unit types), but Im being paid to paint so I should probably get to it!  The primer should be dry by now   FINALLY!  *mentally beats whomever cast such a warped @#$#@$ as these vampires*   DONE DONE DONE DONE  ASSEMBLING   sigh.

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