Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vampire Raider WIP

Having finished (mostly ) assembling two Vampires (Raider and Hunter)   I dropped the newly recieved Raider into a vat of Simple green for a 48 hr soak.    Then I decided I had enough and wanted to assemble something that was pleasant to assemble.  So I got some vehicles from Darkest Star Games,  and a civi and military vehicle from Antenociti and started assembling these.  It was such a pleasure.  Flash was non existant on all of these (as opposed to the hack saw blade and pliers needed to remove flash from the vampires)   Gate nubs were nibbed off with a blade in about 10 seconds per nub (vs the minutes of close cut pliar hacking followed by trimming with a blade, and of course  hacksaw needed to liberate fuse, wing, and engine sections from their enormous gates).  Ok so granted a model that is 2ft wide vs one that is 2cm to 2in wide is not a fair comparison.  But serious  no flash, barely any gates.  The most harrowing part of this was pinning wheels and suspension on the GTK since I didnt trust simple glue to hold these together after a bit of use on the table.  The GTK of course has so much potential I have some plans for it, we shall see which ones get realized.  For the DSG models, I am really digging the police cruiser most. Or perhaps its just a limo with a spoiler on top... because a spoiler would make sense for an air car....


And, since the bath still wasnt complete, as preppign those only took about 1-2 hrs for deflashing, grooming, pinning, and sanding....
I went to work painting the first of the Vampire raiders.  I used the base colors requested by the client then started expanding to add visual interest.  The orange sections are done on this one. and Im still thinking about the dark sections.    I want to have at least one of these fairly close in a simple but detailed scheme, to the rest of his army before I start diverging creativly.  Ill still keep the same base colors with a bit of divergence for detail.   


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