Monday, September 1, 2014

Sellout! Moonlighting with a Sign.

As a side project a friend noted his company want a sign painted.  Now while boring compared to most of what I do the thing that had me interested was doing some sort of slate background.  This was my first dabbling into entirely automotive paints complete with a 2k clear.  I had to borrow a compressor and spray gun but it was a fun quick side-side project. I also subtly put some chameleon colors on it.  blue-violet on the blue part and ice blue on the white part.  Unfortunately, not having expereince with 2k clear before, and trying to be subtle the marbled irridescents all but dissappears under the 2k clear.  But it was gorgeous before.   Next time, Thicker!.

This sign is about 6 feet long.