Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sci-Fi SL8 concepts

After narrowing my colors down a bit based on visible camo, NIR camo value at 780nm,  NIR at 940 (or 980?nm  not sure what the diode was spec'ed for).   I set out the colors to see what might be interesting.  If you look closely some of the colors appear to change reflectance a bit as you shift from 780 to 940nm illumination.  Particularly of interest is how some of the blue, dark purple and dark red are fairly bright in the NIR.   Duller, grayer versions of these colors may work fairly well as visible camo or stand out visibly while being effective for camo in the NIR.

Then started playing around in a photoeditor with an sl8 and afg found online to get a feel for possible color and pattern combinations.   Do we want a bright sci-fi  that stands out or one that blends a bit or blends a lot.   Interestingly, done right most of these will stand out far less in NIR than in visible.   Think of it as flashy "high tech imposing government forces" in visible for the average joe observing to keep his distance, and then if they are actualy engaged in an operation at night the weapon blends more into the background ambient.

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