Friday, April 7, 2017

"Stealth" camo exp 1

It was time to start playing with colors.   While Im not thrilled with this color set, or rather the set with the camo scheme as I think an all technical pattern may have looked better aesthetically, the pattern makes an ok camo  in the visible but seems to blend pretty well in the NIR.  These colors were made to mimic duracoat paint chips aug green, arctic shadow, tactical dark blue and tactical coyote brown.   Interestingly when I tried to use model paint (cheaper and I have some) to mimic the blue its NIR signature was radically different.   After playing a bit I managed to make a mixture of blood red with a deep blue to push the NIR reflectivity up without making much noticeable effect in the visible.   Look closely as the blue which contrasts fairly strongly in the visible all but disappears in the NIR. ...all with just a little red added in....

I think the primary mistake was using gray as a base. I think I should have used coyote brown as a base and had a lot less gray, or ditch the visible camo completely going for high visibility in visible and make it primarily camo in the NIR.

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