Saturday, April 1, 2017

Uniform Camo Exploration

Going to a local Army Surplus for less in Denver on Pecos one of the employees was kind enough to let me get some images of a few camo uniforms.  I believe they were Tru-spec but I cant be sure all were.

The surprises were I expected the multicam and ACU to behave like the hats I got from there on previous trips (pictures seen in previous post using hats as references).

A few interesting notes:
>ABU, a bit more low contrast than I expected, eve with other images taken directly on it.  Apparently the green is not as dark as it appears in NIR.
>Desert Digi, decent but not as contrasting as the ACU
>Multicam: not as contrasting as I expected, I want to look more into this a bit.
>Urban Digi: very contrasting,  would be interested in looking about a city to see if the contrast is warranted or poorly thought though.
>ATAC LE: quite dark, see urban digi above. Except for the nylon velcro, glows like a glow stick at NIR.  not well thought through.
>ATAC AU: not bad contrast compared to the ACU

>Navy Digi, not as dark in NIR as I expected. Likely due to the blues used being much lighter in NIR.  Need to keep this in mind, leverage blues, greens, and dark reds if you want darker VIS camo but lighter NIR to match typical background reflectances.

I may need to go back and repeat but taking a few leaves, grass bushel, pine cone or such for comparison against real things its trying to hide you among.   Next time do the experiment with pants, they are easier to arrange.

Once again, thanks to the good people at the Army surplus in Denver.

And for a bit of silly fun...
No the pink camo is cute but glows like a beacon.

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