Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Airsoft Reflex Sight Parallax Fix

I had a reflex sight  that was working ok, but it had a parallax such that it was ineffective outside of about 30% of the center for distances beyond 30 feet.  My friend recently mentioned he had the same problem and when I looked at his his sight was much worse.  So playing around with them a bit I found a fix that works pretty darned well.  a simple piece of 3-5mm thick acrylic or plexiglass inserted just over the object (the red dot generator) adjusts the optical path enough so that the extremely cheap and not quite in plane curved reflector now has the proper path length to be extremely close to parallax free.  However, his sight had a bad misalignment (cheap chineese crap) and so I had to rotate the optical shim to shift the center so its functional again.  the green lines point to the corners  of the plexiglass shim.  A bit of epoxy and we have a very robust solution.

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