Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mazzer Brake for my VP9 GBB

 A lazzer muzzle brake.  Either 3d printed or machined, this one is 3d printed with a cavity in the front to accept a NIR 940nm laser with adjustment screws,  a central chamber that takes two button batteries and the pressure switch to activate the laser.   I was rather proud of this design as its so simple.  It uses a couple magnets to hold the batteries in contact with each other and to hold the +/- leads onto the batteries as well as hold the MON SMT button onto the battery stack.  the button is aligned with the central axis of the "brake" so that a delrin rod with rubber o-ring on the end that stops it from falling all the way down the barrel is held about 2mm off of the button.  no springs are used.  Instead a reverse polarity magnet is imbedded into the end of the delrin rod and sunk in 1/2mm such that it pushes away from the magnet stack on the batteries providing a restoring force to reset the rod.   A bit of liquid electrical tape dampens the impact between the rod and button.   finally the brake is printed undersized to be tapped for whatever the airsoft uses, but also has holes for two screws to firmly clamp it in place once its all set up and aligned so the shock from the rod impacting the button doesnt slowly move the brake out of alignment.   Overall works pretty well, and total cost in parts is about 10 dollars.  Now ANY airsoft or even bb gun that produces a pressure in the barrel can be converted into a laser gun just by slapping this on the end.   I still recommend shoving foam into the mags to block the followers down and ensure no bb's are in the area. 

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