Thursday, November 15, 2018

Out of the box and on display

Well some of them at least.  Given that I had boxes of minis and no where to put them I decided it wsa time to learn woodworking and make a display cabinet.  And it cost about as much to make a new one the size I wanted as buy a new one. and mine is better!.    So I designed a solid model, then learned how to use a router and wood tools and ... a month or two later a cabinet!.  But of course this holds only like half of my models... I need to upgrade the number of shelves later.

The Zep Dreadnaught, still incomplete
The air fleet  from Crimson skies facing off against our ww2 fighters. 

 The UFO invaders vs the human x-com troops

 the battlestar fleets
 some random ships

 and a bunch of cars and stuff that will probably go back in a box in favor of other models.