Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lava/Fire Vampire WIP 95%

This vampire is nearly done.
I need to detail the engines a bit more, the back door, paint and install the canopy (will probably do this once the second is complete and have nearly matching canopies)  reshape the guns and install the mounting post assembly.  I thought that once again the sculptor of this and other Eldar vehicles had stock in some gem market, otherwise why would so many gems be put on a ship.  So I painted a subset of them so that it didn't look like it just had blue zits all over.

For the bottom I was torn with just how much to put into it.  I finally decided since this was "fire" I should have it look like it was heating up on reentry.  I think its fairly striking, and frankly the only time you will see the bottom of it is when its entering atmo right before it blows you to #$%W.  Plus this allowed me to bring it back a little closer to the client's  yellow, orange, black theme on some of his other vehicles.

And, for perspective.  the inspriation (that I rant perhaps a bit too far with) was this guy painted for the client by DaVincent .  In it I saw the lava from which I pulled my warm color selection.  The golds from which I pulled my gold selection for the engines,  the red violet I used in the wing panel gems, and the blue gems requested by the client.  But of course the symbolic cracked cool lava chunks on his cloak were too simple for a model this large, so I expanded on them.   Main colors I used were Yriel, Troll slayer, and Evil sunz. with a bunch of others for blending.  The ash I used is about 4-6 different grays with blue, red-violet, violet mixed in to pull it slightly to the red-violet through violet used in the model below.  The blue sword I avoided using on anything as I didn't think it quite fit the feel of the vampire.
Now.  Back to ICE!  I think Ill run with the crystal idea to tie these together a bit more as "twins"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vampire Raider 2 WIP

Ok, finally got the brother raider assembled, sanded, washed, primed.  yea!!!
now. Since the previous one has a cold theme I wanted to try something warm on this one, but basic fire is so overdone,  "real fire" is painfully easy and mindnumblingly monotenous, So I pulled a bit of inspiration from one of the clients models (loosely mind you)   Went with a few of the esablished colors (orange yellow, dark blue and purple)  and came up with this guy.  Not quote what I origionally inteded as I meant the gray sections to be a lot darker, but as I was painting it I thought the dark background on a warm or hot color scheme was so cliche, I had to try something a little different.  I rather like this,  but.. my oponnion isnt waht counts, so if you see this repainted.. He didnt like it =)  But I figured Id post it anyway for the record.   Not sure how much more work to put into it but Id say it is about 1/2 to 2/3 complete.  I am going to put something darker on some of the main wing armor panels, so that we have a backdrop to put a rune or something, and to pull the colors a bit closer to the clients army.   So probably dark blues or purples....

and yes the guns are warped.  I made the mistake of washing them after straightening them so Ill re straighten them shortly.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Blast from the Cyberpunk past

A comment on the previous post prompted me to bring up a few of my old paint jobs for some of my 28mm vehicles.  I still like seeing these litter the tabletop during my sci-fi games.  And even better watching thier fuel cells explode injuring anyone nearby.  The cars may look nostalgic,  and in the last picture I have my first attempt at a similar skyline reflection in the switchblade bike(lower left). 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Release the secret... Hover cars!

I painted these up for Khurasan a few months ago and he has just released them, so enjoy!
some nice little 15mm grav cars.  yes its still 100% airbrush. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lock n Load!: Puppets War Taurus AFV: Exterminator

Finished a Puppets War Taurus Exterminator.  I saw dwartist had started one of these a few months ago and had to give it a go.  Some in the forums complained about its blockiness but I thought for an APC It had just the right flair of futuristic sci-fi with a reasonable armor level.  I decided to give it what I considered to be a twilight or dusk timed city camo as it will see a lot of action during night and transition times when human eyes are the most useless while the APC optics suite is second to none.   This guy will likely see action in my UFO or my cyberpunk games.   I also have the unarmed brother, but have only base coated it and will sit on it for a while to figure out how to do it justice on my sci-fi tables.
The Stencil used for the hexacamo is from anarchy models.    Be careful and take your time.  There are many wrong ways to use stencils like these. It took a few minutes to figure out the best way to integrate these into my painting procedures. They are great for beginners and intermediate but the more advanced will find you still need your freehand stencils in conjunction to make life sane and simpler.  I highly recommend sharp blades and sharp tweezers (and magnifiers for those of us whose poor abused Mk1 optics are becoming chronologically challenged)

Now...On to some rather enormous eldar craft!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sci-fi MDF Terrain set 1 complete.

I got a set of 6 buildings from Shark Mounted Lasers and here is the first batch.   I sadly lost some windows so I couldnt paint more of them, oh well.  Still these assembled and painted up nicely for my sci-fi games. The square and rectangle buildings I painted up simply and then the L shape I wanted to be some semi-discrete night club, perhaps for a small gang.   The roofs were painted to have solar panels, because solar panel real estate is important in the future.  Next time I should probably acquire ladders and walkways... Oh well, some of my guys can jump!  It'll likely be a month before set 2 is complete (or started...)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cyber Beetle: Its not so Cyber when its ripping your innards out.

Here is  a Puppets War Giant Cyber Beetle.  A nice little resin Mechanical scarab that has just the right amount of vicious to it.  I looked for images of scarabs for inspiration and settled on some emerald/brass jewlry , then added some texture, lighting, corrosion, and gore.   I have a couple more from Puppets war coming up soon as well as a few things from elsewhere.