Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year: WIPs

Been quite busy this holiday.  I finally remembered that I generally make a lot more progress if I work on 10 projects at once (focusing on one or two) than if I just focus on one or two.  So t'was the season to get @#$ done.   Or at least moved along.

I hope you had a great holiday season with your family and friends.  I also took the kids time out of school to indoctrinate them.  Both my kids helped paint the buildings in this, though granted simple things like spraying through a stencil I held in place or applying shadow gradients with thinned down paint. I was proud when the little one wanted to play the alien invaders "'because they are cooler!"  Casualties were heavy, but she eventually achieved a Pyrrhic victory (and was educated as to what that meant) by destroying the up-link objective.

Sorry the lighting in these are bad, I was too lazy to setup a photo area for just a WIP.

Now that January is upon us   everyone get back to work and burn off those holiday pounds!

Happy gaming!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Alien Quadropod: Alien Invader Maneuver Element

The new Khurasan invader Manuver Element will be out soon so I can finally show my version of him.  Standing around a foot tall I was tempted to take a picture next to my WOTW tripod.. which I never finished painting so that wont happen any time soon.  I tried him out in a game with my X-com themed invasion game and players had a great time trying to take this sucker down.  They eventually got him by getting troops under his shield dome and nailing him with a few AP rockets.  They suffered greatly to get people into position but it was worth it.  Designed for 15mm minis this guy is enormous.  even at 28mm he is titan scale and impressive.