Monday, January 28, 2019

Eldar Wraithknight, the big brother.

Finished a commission for a wraith knight. The main goal was to be similar to my early wraith lord many years ago.   But trying for more dynamic he wanted something with the sword, so I went for skidding to a halt while swiping a missile out of the air. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Out of the box and on display

Well some of them at least.  Given that I had boxes of minis and no where to put them I decided it wsa time to learn woodworking and make a display cabinet.  And it cost about as much to make a new one the size I wanted as buy a new one. and mine is better!.    So I designed a solid model, then learned how to use a router and wood tools and ... a month or two later a cabinet!.  But of course this holds only like half of my models... I need to upgrade the number of shelves later.

The Zep Dreadnaught, still incomplete
The air fleet  from Crimson skies facing off against our ww2 fighters. 

 The UFO invaders vs the human x-com troops

 the battlestar fleets
 some random ships

 and a bunch of cars and stuff that will probably go back in a box in favor of other models.

Friday, October 5, 2018


Because I never have just one project going,  i had been playing with turning some boring shirts into something a bit more interesting.  I drew some stencils, cut them out of cereal boxes and sprayed through them  A few of the shirts took a couple sprays as you really have to iron this stuff hot to make it fix.

 First, a basic interesting design.
 Combined with a new stencil and skull.

 An alien/zerg/whatever
 While Im at it try black and try a Protoss
 Reuse of old stencil on black shirt
And a new skull design

Monday, September 24, 2018

WW2 Fighters Wave 5

Last batch for now.
A ww2 US lockheed P-38 Lightning

 WW2 Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Kate, Nakajima B5N

WW2 British Hawker Hurricane

WW2 US P51 Mustangs

And steel versions of the P51 mustangs

And finally the WW2 Grumman F6F Hellcat

Friday, September 7, 2018

WW2 and Crimson Skies Fighters wave 4

And now for a set of WW2 fighters, same 200th scale painted in accurate'ish camo all airbrushed as usual.

A Curtis Wright XP-55 ascender.  I had this designed up and printed in my dreamfoundry shop on shapeways since no one made it with sufficient detail.  I really liked this design so I had several printed to play with their paintjobs.

A Ju 87 stuka divebomber

A Ju 88A-11 German Bomber

A CS William and Colt Peacemaker from the Crimson skies universe

 A bare metal CS Sanderson FB14 Vampire (crimson skies)
And another vampire painted in dazzle to match the Mazikeen as one of its escort fighters.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Airship Destroyer: Mazikeen

Named from a Jewish demon, this Jewish naval ship patrols the sky protecting the holdings and operations of its citizenry.  A state of the art destroyer capable of taking on ships twice its size with a combination of speed, agility, and raw firepower.  With an enormous counter rotating turbo-prop main drive and an impressive array of rapidly deployed mechanically controlled sails the Mazikeen can outrun any ship in its class.  and keep up with some frigates.

It boasts a main deck gun with 3 barrels  that can deliver long range artillery,  flak,  or ship killer rounds.  A 6 pack of rockets typically loaded with a few ship killers and a few broad area flak rounds to make short work of incoming squadrons and pirate airships.  a handful of heavy caliber deck guns hold their own against fighters and even mid sized corvettes and smaller frigates.   A huge serrated prow blade allows for collision courses to be pretty one sided as it can shred the top of a zepplin or tear the sails or heavy gantry struts of other large craft.  Finally, the Ventral spine boasts 4 cradles that can carry up to heavy-figher class escorts making this cruiser a bit of a pocket carrier in a pinch.   This state-of-the-art destroyer is not to be taken lightly.   It has its own messages for pirates on the aft string of signal flags.

More fighters coming soon.
Also looking closely you will see two Sanderson Vampires, one Hughes Devastator and one Hughes Bloodhawk docked on the ventral cradles.  I magnetized some of these models to allow for easily attachment and removal from the cradles on all of the equipped airships.  

Crimson Skies Wave 3 Fighters

A Russian Devastator camo'ed for the harsh Siberian winters.  A custom logo modification of the hammer and sickle... with gear. 

 A generic painted Avenger

A Firebrand in desert camo Flown by the Valkyries (custom logo)

And a Tesla Aircraft Misericorde .  Apparently Tesla likes *lightning* fast aircraft. (again custom Tesla logo)