Friday, February 7, 2014

Metal Gear REX: Yea... your just #$#@ed...

Ok Got some good pictures of this guy.   I used the troops from ClearHorizon miniatures I painted a while back because while roughly 1:144 scale (15mm... dont start a scale debate please) vs this REX which is 1:100 scale, they do a good job of establishing scale.  Also the figures that came with REX were about the same size as Harolds Hell Divers from ClearHorizon

Anyway. This was an awesome model I fell in love with when I saw it online.  Happy birthday to me!=)   After assembly I noticed all pictures of it were so static, which seemed sad since it was an incredibly detailed and articulate mech.  So  I thought rather than showing flashy shields or extremely powerful weapons firing, I would demonstrate how this instills terror with its shear power by showing it running.  I think I conveyed the effect almost as well as I envisioned.  Pinning this was... fun.  One problem with lots of articulation is it wants to move.  So I had to put 2 pins through the major joints to lock orientation with sufficient structural support. 

The model was painted based on some random dino pictures I found online and I then just made up the base because I was lazy and dont really care much for basing.  So I painted something quickly to convey scale without eating more than a couple hours.  Happy painting!  Now... where the heck will he fit on my shelves....Better answer it soon because I have a big commission coming up that is going to totally eat my WIP shelf space.


  1. Love this, everything! The dynamic pose, the diorama base, the fact my hell divers are there (they're on the same team, right?)... really incredible. The color scheme is also great and that black burned looked is awesome.

    1. They are on opposing teams. If you look closely one is being stepped on and about to have a breaking spike run through his head. The rest are scattering or attempting to engage, pointlessly. Sorry, your guys aren't even a speedbump to him ;) The rocket guy in the back is taking a shot, but without a lucky hit It'll just scratch the paint.