Sunday, February 16, 2014

UFO Incursion: Operation Titan Fall.

A quick handful of images from the UFO incursion response force mission set I hosted at this weekends Genghis Con in Denver.

It was a two part mission.  Objective 1,  Capture Alien Crab Walker  by direct hack,  locate and capture command node, or as a last resort destroy. O2: Hack and prepare satelite microwave uplink station for use in second half of mission. O3: Destroy alien Psi amp to reduce effectiveness of powerful Psionics.

Mission2 Objective   Destroy Alien Heavies:  Omega Protocal in effect, Nuclear weapons authorized as last resort.

O1A Destroy the QuadroPod preferably with the crab walker as it has the only weapons that can punch through the shields of the Quadro. Draw fire of Quadro with all other assets to protect crab.  .

O1b  In Parallel to  1A setup an ambush using heavy ordinance and teleport pads, then drop the shield for 1 turn with the microwave dish. You will only get one turn before it fries the dish.  

O1c. As a last resort get troops within the shield radius (6") and underneath where the armor is weakest..... good luck with that one.

Multiple Bio signs between us and the target
A cluster of Bio signatures around a green house.  Intelligence believes the command node is in there, but a strong Psionic presence is also detected.
Path along 5th avenue is obstructed, may provide good cover from whatever lies ahead.
"dead end" at the end of 5th avenue, Crab Walker detected, approach with extreme caution.  Use cover if direct hack is attempted.  Beware the twin Pulse cannon

Then..... After much fighting and dying, and Psionic controlled betrayals, heartbreak, and sacrifice....

 Walker is secured at great cost... and just in the nick of time

Attention All IRF forces, Alien walker inbound  Take cover!  Enact phase 2 of the mission.  

@#$#... Cant breach its shield....eapons ineffective....get in place for the abmu.... get only 1 shot at this.....#$#%$

  Robot Weapons Platform in position for ambush... Awaiting signal.


  1. I didn't realize that you ran those games at the Denver conventions. I stopped by and looked at your table, and for some reason didn't register that I had seen those models on the internet before. Never actually played in your games as I am usually running my own or helping out with CollectorMania's booth in the dealer room.

    Always a very nice looking table by the way. Love your work.

  2. That looks awesome, sounds like great games. I'll need to head out to denver one of these days!