Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lava/Fire Vampire WIP 95%

This vampire is nearly done.
I need to detail the engines a bit more, the back door, paint and install the canopy (will probably do this once the second is complete and have nearly matching canopies)  reshape the guns and install the mounting post assembly.  I thought that once again the sculptor of this and other Eldar vehicles had stock in some gem market, otherwise why would so many gems be put on a ship.  So I painted a subset of them so that it didn't look like it just had blue zits all over.

For the bottom I was torn with just how much to put into it.  I finally decided since this was "fire" I should have it look like it was heating up on reentry.  I think its fairly striking, and frankly the only time you will see the bottom of it is when its entering atmo right before it blows you to #$%W.  Plus this allowed me to bring it back a little closer to the client's  yellow, orange, black theme on some of his other vehicles.

And, for perspective.  the inspriation (that I rant perhaps a bit too far with) was this guy painted for the client by DaVincent .  In it I saw the lava from which I pulled my warm color selection.  The golds from which I pulled my gold selection for the engines,  the red violet I used in the wing panel gems, and the blue gems requested by the client.  But of course the symbolic cracked cool lava chunks on his cloak were too simple for a model this large, so I expanded on them.   Main colors I used were Yriel, Troll slayer, and Evil sunz. with a bunch of others for blending.  The ash I used is about 4-6 different grays with blue, red-violet, violet mixed in to pull it slightly to the red-violet through violet used in the model below.  The blue sword I avoided using on anything as I didn't think it quite fit the feel of the vampire.
Now.  Back to ICE!  I think Ill run with the crystal idea to tie these together a bit more as "twins"

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