Sunday, December 29, 2013

ClearHorizon Raven Complete

Presenting the Black Dragon, Raven class gunship.

 I just finished this 15mm scale Raven assault gunship from ClearHorizon miniatures.  It was a nice smooth little model and so I decided to do a paint job that was part camo, and part subtle sci-fi.   You have to look closely to see the textures on the green, the mottling for the camo.  And even closer to see the composite fibrous material of the darker "carbon fiber" like grey sections. There is an attempt at reflections of the trees on the horizon of the canopy as this ship is flying just above the treeline.    The nose art on the right shows the dragon head and 5 stars for 5 aircraft kills.  Tanks aren't worth noting as they barely stand a chance.   This is

I took two sets of pictures because I couldn't decide which background looked better.  Second set coming soon.

 Edit:  Second set finished

Muzzle flasshes in this one are photoshoped, everything else is genuine.   99% airbrushed.  I didnt both airbrushing the highlights on the hellfire missiles.