Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Covenant Heavy Plasma Pistol: NERF Diatron

And another one for the armory =)
A nerf diatron seemed styled after the covenant weaponry, so the paint job seemed fitting.

Edit: can anyone tell me why google/blogger adjusts the saturation of random pictures?  Some I can upload directly and others I have to send to photobucket so it wont adjust the saturation and make the image absurdly bright and washed out...


  1. Really great work! I've been thinking of repainting part of my NERF arsenal as well. Did you strip it down to component parts before painting or paint it in one piece?

    1. This one I just painted as is, Had to actuate the parts to get everywhere but that was no big deal. I surface washed lightly with a soapy towel after wet sanding with another soapy towel, so I didnt get water inside, then primed and painted.