Thursday, December 5, 2013

RAH 66 Complete

Ive loved the design of the Comanche since I was a kid and so bought it a couple months ago after watching ebay for about 1.5 years to get a decent price. This was painted to look like an anime or infinity styled sci-fi  chopper that sees action in the city.  And I often avoid painting the inside of a cockpit since I think it just distracts for the part of the model I care about.  Thus I painted the canopy to look like a fully immerse display where the pilot reads streams of data on the inner panels which tell him much more about his surroundings than his eye could... after years of interpretive training.   Sight carries a lot of information, but the human mind is highly adaptable and excellent.  Of course these "pilots" dont have great social lives outside of the nets.

This is a 48th scale chopper The rotor blades have a UAGDP or plasma sheath to reduce friction .  The Stinger missile is a close approximation scratched by me along with the fire.  The tail side stabs were also modifications based on some prototype RAH66 pics on the net.

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  1. This is so damn cool! I love the fading on both the body and the rotors. Fantastic work!