Saturday, August 1, 2015

Knight of the Oldest Repulic...

Well I dont know if the Eldar believe in republics but you try telling him whats what.

This is the second of the wraiths painted, and since GW gave this guy so many parts he is quite articulate with only minor part modifications.   This guy is magnetized and pinned all over to hold this pose yet still be dismantled.  And every weapon shipped with him was painted and magnetized as well for near complete swap ability.

My marching orders on him was "dynamic"  so I figured this guy, in capable of flight like the revenants would rely on running.  Therefore I decided to have him charging across the battlefield lopping off heads with abandon.  Lesser units get out of the way or be bisected.  Greater units.... Go for the kneecaps!  They'll topple like an OAK!!!

Oh yea, I also had to have him make some sense carrying cannons instead.. .boring cannons.   So the second set is of him cannonized charging by ventilating the stuffy marines and nids. with high energy discharges. .

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  1. The special effects you create on these miniatures are truly amazing.
    I like a more sleek style when it comes to painting, but that's just a matter of taste.