Friday, August 7, 2015

Victory Star Destroyer: Prepare to launch all fighters!

A second commission had me painting three VSD's for starwars armada.  However one of them we decided to play with opening the bays... because I really wanted to and he thought it would be a good idea too=)  With a bit of searching online to see how to split one of these guys open we found what I needed and I then went to work hacking the bays out and remodeling them to look like they open up to launch or receive fighters en mass.  I like the landing lights leading to the blue atmospheric force-field... Maybe someone will want me to light up a VSD next....

new tough challenges please! There are also a few new interesting Titans out there that are screaming for a nice paintjob.

Since ive already shown the first of the 3 VSD's I wont bother showing its twin as it's very similar.

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