Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wraith Lord.. Or is it Starlord...

Finished a commission for a wraith lord and wraith knight.  Now I just have to slog through the hundred pictures.   I finished this set for the Wraith Lord though it was tough as he has quite a few weapon configurations and the Client paid to have them all painted.   Well I cant paint something and not take a picture of it...

Both this and the upcoming Knight were painted with their sword as the primary motivator for the pose, but the poses were also done to make their alternate weapon configurations look reasonable.   The Lord, being a lithe little guy (yea little compared to the titans ive been doing lately) has been posed to be in a deeper stance than his casting allows but about another 10-15 degrees on one leg which I cut and rescultped.  He wanted poses that were more dynamic than most people do so...Since I wasn't allowed to make him jump or fly(admittedly wouldn't make sense but I like dynamic challenges) I decided a quick turning dodging stance as he beheaded an aggressor who thought flanking a Wraith Lord with a sword was a good idea... It wasnt.

And obviously the weapon glow in the first picture is edited.

Also, Thank you to Nadya of HopeRiver  for the referral.  Looking over her site it was impressive and I had to add it to my inspiration list on the right of this blog =)

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