Monday, August 27, 2018

The Airship Destroyer: Mazikeen

Named from a Jewish demon, this Jewish naval ship patrols the sky protecting the holdings and operations of its citizenry.  A state of the art destroyer capable of taking on ships twice its size with a combination of speed, agility, and raw firepower.  With an enormous counter rotating turbo-prop main drive and an impressive array of rapidly deployed mechanically controlled sails the Mazikeen can outrun any ship in its class.  and keep up with some frigates.

It boasts a main deck gun with 3 barrels  that can deliver long range artillery,  flak,  or ship killer rounds.  A 6 pack of rockets typically loaded with a few ship killers and a few broad area flak rounds to make short work of incoming squadrons and pirate airships.  a handful of heavy caliber deck guns hold their own against fighters and even mid sized corvettes and smaller frigates.   A huge serrated prow blade allows for collision courses to be pretty one sided as it can shred the top of a zepplin or tear the sails or heavy gantry struts of other large craft.  Finally, the Ventral spine boasts 4 cradles that can carry up to heavy-figher class escorts making this cruiser a bit of a pocket carrier in a pinch.   This state-of-the-art destroyer is not to be taken lightly.   It has its own messages for pirates on the aft string of signal flags.

More fighters coming soon.
Also looking closely you will see two Sanderson Vampires, one Hughes Devastator and one Hughes Bloodhawk docked on the ventral cradles.  I magnetized some of these models to allow for easily attachment and removal from the cradles on all of the equipped airships.  

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