Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dust Tactics Mech On The Hunt

Finished the mech.   Mainly focused on a bit of sacrificial weathering  and a few bullet holes and dirt/burns. Simple and dirty.   There are very subtle highlights on the camo but given the contrast of the weathering the texturing is lost unless you look really close.  Still I like the effect and it was fairly quick and easy for a relaxing painting session.  Bullet holes are admittedly a bit sloppy.


  1. Looks awesome, love the weathering! I'm confused though, where are all your neon colors?!

  2. I am fully capable of more traditional camos and I do them on occasion when the model wants it, But nearly everyone and their mother does traditional styled camo and trying to get more spectacular effects while also trying to make it look "sci-fi realistic" is more challenging since I have to invent much of it as I go along. The is also reflected in the fact that I very rarely paint the same thing twice or the same camo on two things twice. It always is a little different trying something new so Im constantly challenging myself in some way. Dont worry there will be more wild sci-fi paint jobs=)