Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fairy "comissioned" architect

In an effort to do things with the kids that I dont find completely mind numbing... I decided to encourage the girls to make fairly houses.  I had been looking at these onion savers for years wanting to do this, and now the kids are old enough to safely help with a hot glue gun and dremmel.

Just buy a saver and some on sale plastic flowers from a craft store.  Then have the kids draw some doors and windows, then help them dremmel out the doors and windows.  Put on a respirator in a ventelated area away from kids use a camp lighter to round the dremmeled edges to prevent cuts.  Then get the hot glue gun and sit around having the girls decide where to put flowers and leaves!

They wont last long but it was about 5 dollars per house and more importantly taught the girls to do things with tools.

Now the next time we play "DND lite" the fairies have somewhere to hide from the minotaur or dragons.   Or the elven police have a home to perform a no-knock raid on to break those illegal fairy mushroom rings, I mean drug rings....

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