Saturday, January 3, 2015

Spider Bot closing for the kill

And the last of the minis I managed to finish a few days ago.

An Antenocitis Spider Bot.
When I first saw this guy I admit I didnt like the design.  I thought its legs and body were too lacking in detail, too simple.  Then the more I thought about it I realized it was perfect it just needed the right explanation.   My old Wraithlord was my first major experiment in making a mini look like it has glass/crystalline armor.  This was the perfect canvas for a second round.

The spider hunter/killer is a war machine under the guise of a security droid designed initially for point defense security at major corporate headquarters.  Agile and heavily armed and armored, this security drone can handle all but the most dedicated corporate threats your company is likely to encounter.  armored with monolithic cobalt doped aluminum oxide glass/crystal composite, or "glassy sapphire" over plates, these plates can shrug off military grade weapons.  The belly or substructures are the primary points of weakness.  Its primary armaments include a 10mm gatline cannon that can auto-select slug type based on the target.  The focused energy weapon is Q-switched pulse mazer weapon capable of flash boiling organics, or frying mid level shielded electronic computers and cybernetics.  The weapons can be targeted directly and are more susceptible to damage than the hull.    However, since the main hull is highly survivable, even suffering the loss of its primary weapons, it sports an ultrasonic resonant retractable crystalline scythe in each of its forelegs.  Each blade is capable of cutting through inch thick steel armor in a single swipe. They also allow it to scale buildings, assuming the skin of the building is strong enough to take the weight of the spider as its blades are cutting into it.

The primary saving grace to anyone facing this machine of death is its power consumption is so demanding it can only engage in active combat for a few minutes untethered.  Unfortunately, any corporation using such a sentry will have multiple rapid charge stations situated about the premises in hull-down defensive areas.   Only a well placed grenade or pre-planted charge stands a chance of interrupting the charge cycle.

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