Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hadnt intended to post until I had somethign else at least halfway done... but I was shifting some stuff around for painting and found this!   My daughters birthday present.  Oh well, she will get it tomorrow morning only a few days late.  It took about 3 hours to paint. She helped pink the sword. She has much better airbrush control than she did when she was 3 years old.  Go figure.
She had asked for a fairy, a princess, and a rainbow.  I didnt feel like doing a princess so I did a hummingbird (had a stencil to make that easy) a fairy (easy enough composite stencil) and a rainbow... just easy.    For the sword she wanted pink and was amiable to lightning.   I may one day put wings with green goo on her sword and tell her its evil fairy wings.    The sword shall henceforth be known as the fairy whacker.  A most efficient weapon.


  1. This is awesome :) Is the shield from a frisbee?

  2. I sanded and repainted a captain america "frisbee shield" It has a handle built on the back. A cheap already made shield from target that can take a beating! If I get a belt saw or similar tool I may make a new set of shields for the kids. But I need to finish my scabbards first. So many projects! =)