Monday, October 14, 2013

Ships Ready For Action!

Just finished the BSG/ISD commission.
He wanted the galactica to be mostly monochrome, the Pegasus to have a bit of color compared to my previous pegasus, and the ISD roughly a copy of my previous ISD.
99% airbrushed.  I used custom transfers for the "galactica" , "Pegasus", and the colonial emblem on the top of both.    Then used a bit of airbrushing to blend it in a bit better.

 A Ravenstar Studios Battlestar Galactica 
A Fox Miniatures Pegasus
A Studio Bergstrom Imperial Star Destroyer

I hope he likes his new toys!


  1. Do you have contact details for the Fox Galactica stuff?

      If that doesn't work you may be able to get through to ravenstar studios whom he works with sometimes.

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