Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trigger raid sirens!  Achilles land raider incoming. 

These past 2 weeks I was just starting to make progress on the Zep.  Not sure on names yet, any suggestions?  I was contemplating Pandora, Trident, Cerberus....

The patches of different camo panels are "salvage" from when this was no longer officially under the control of its native empire (not sure if it will be the US or Germany) so it is officially a pirate zep even though its crew primarily still targets the same enemies while operating deep in enemy territory.  No longer having access to the shipyards back home its crew had to resort to cannibalizing enemy zeps.  Ill probably have a few emblems or hull markings from said victims.    This kitbash incidentally consumed over 70% of my leftover bits.  Ive been suffering ever since having few bits to use for modifications.  Its probably about 40%  complete  I am about 50% complete on putting rivets on the panels, if you look closely.  I have uniform rivets for the original repairs, but plan on using irregular "in-the-field" salvaged rivets for the salvaged panels.

Then a Landraider  Achillies pattern, came.  Commissions before zeps!  This one is going to take probably about as much work as I was planning on putting into the Zep. Challenge accepted!  And Ill be playing with some 15mm troops in parallel when I need a minor break.

Been putting this off because it isnt as much fun as painting.
I finally got a few more production casts of my retro-sci-fi 28mm vehicles
Given the costs Im probably just going to go until the molds break and call it done.  I got enough for my games=)
Right now Im still on a email to order basis since volume is low and I dont anticipate it going up much.

US Domestic
Qty 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Stroller 6, 11, 15, 18, 21   ------I
Pod car 13, 25, 36, 46, 54  ----B
Flat POD car  10, 19, 27          -A
Crotch Rocket 12 23 33 42 48   --H
Grid Commuter 17 33 45 60 70   --J
Mustang 17 33 45 60 70             ---L
Executive Hover 18 35 -10% hand cast by me.    SwitchBlade 22 41 54 71 80     ---G
FUV 23 45 60 80 96     ---D
Utility Truck 32 62 90 120 145 - 10% for low quality wheels or pads   ----M
Cargo Hover Vehicle 35 69 100 133 164     ---E   comes with 2 random custom sci-fi crates F
Armored train 63 121 172 x x    ---N
Extra printed cargo modules  110lb cardstock  $1 each

50mm rounded sci-fi bases    $5ea   ----K
25mm non-rounded sci-fi bases  $1.5ea (1-4)  $1ea (5+)   ---O

Scarab canopy, compatible with necro scyth fighter.  $6 for 1ea  $12d for 4ea.

Energy fence post--- Only sold with energy fences... contact me for details as these are painted custom. 

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