Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RAH-66 Commanche nearly ready for action

I like most stealth designs and picked this guy up a while ago.  Finally thinking about some models from Antenociti  and Khurasan I was decided to paint this guy in a scheme that would mesh.  The basic theme, a near future version of the stealth helicopter with active camo for a night run. The carbon mesh was painted to barely be visible compared to my previous carbon jobs.  A violet hue to the rotors as a one atomosphere plasma to reduce drag.  A further plasma from"circuitry" painted in certain areas actively cancel radar coupled to focal points before the radiation transmits out of the hull plating.

Next: a friendly reminder CLEAN YOUR BRUSH.  You should be cleaning it after every use, and I typically clean the nozzle before every use and every hour.  However, unless you are very studious good small traces may slowly work their way into the air channel.  Once this is clogged its game over without an ultrasonic cleaner and acetone or similar solvent.  Remove all gaskets before soaking in solvents. Clean these by hand with alcohol.    I do a thorough breakdown and clean about twice a year. Its amazing how much can get into little nooks over time without adversely effecting the brush.
 Finally a WIP of a 34" kitbashed zeppelin.  Its a heavy cruiser with plenty of firepower and can launch up to 10 fighters or bombers.  I think Ill go absurdly exotic with it, as per my norm.

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