Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Burrow under the stairs

Since the move a few months ago I no longer paint in a spare bathroom, I now paint at the bar.  This house had a tinny sink just under the stairs apparently to entertain guests.  Well I dont drink but I do need a sink for my airbrush so.....

I installed a child gate to keep the kids honest  ish, a medicine cabinet to hold paints, and modified some shelving.  I like that the sink is Stainless, I dont have to worry about cleaning it as frequently... or ever...

Turning opposite the sink my little alcove.  What I like about this space was it came with shelving.  I used a hammer to pop the top shelf out and slide it forward 20 inches to put a box fan and 2200 house filter to catch over spray.   Its a great way to focus the airflow.  A bit of track lighting on a fully white small area and we are ready to paint.   On the left we have a hair dryer, an extra light for pictures, and on the right a few color charts and cleaning supplies.  And an active project, a 1/48th scale RAH 66 commanche.
  My trusty 5+? year old eurotec 10A is still cranking away.  I installed 2 computer fans to keep it cool lest it overheat.  That little guy has really cranked for me. Two moisture traps, a 3L roughly airtank and regulator make this a pretty hardy little compressor for small and medium mini projects.   What you don't see as you can imagine are the cases of minis and paints from all over.  Plus quite a stencil collection.  One switch hits the lights and mini dvd player more for sound than video.  Then a second daisy chained switch hits the compressor, cooling fans, and filter fan.

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