Friday, November 8, 2013

15mm Hell Divers "airbrushed"

Harold at Clear Horizon sent me a few of his Hell divers as a challenge and I was happy to try it since they are roughly the size of my nozzle assembly.   I tried and found you can put 3 into my small paint cup for the airbrush.  So I tried my best to do a camo and hydrophobic wash on them. And with one did a quick little modeling of a rocket firing.  These are 95% airbrushed.  The reflection spots on the helmets are the only exception.

And a minigun drone I'm painting to be a near future sentry drone for my UFO games. Im hoping to do something like him but a lot more detailed and complicated on either a Khurasan Crawler or Antenociti spider.... We shall see

Next, a peek at something I hope to finish in a few weeks. As long as I can figure out how to finish him. 

And finally, I made these scabbards a few weeks ago for a couple swords.  I need to figure out how Im going to upholster them.  I was thinking airbrushing a "gold leaf" pattern into them...  Glossy varnish doesn't photograph well without a light booth. Perhaps Ill not be lazy next time and set it up.

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