Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fighting orb skimming into action.

Since I finished the big project I went small.  I have a few of Clear Horizons troops challenging my airbrush skills (the little suckers are about the size of my nozzle assembly!)  and some stuff for Khurasan.  First one finished so far is one of his new fighting orbs.

I initially finished this one glossy but, gloss is a pain in the rear to photograph, so I matted it.  Ill probably make it glossy again for my display shelf.   I like shiny.

 99% airbrushed, exception is the eyes.  I particularly like the Halo'ish red-violet personal armor.  Remember this little guy is not much bigger than my nozzle.  Yea that was fun to airbrush.

Ooh shiny... Photoshopped in pulse firing, of course.


  1. Is it weird that the first thing to come to mind was Daft Punk?

    1. Nope, Especially since I was in fact listening to techno(included daft punk) in at least one point during this. =)