Friday, November 1, 2013

Iron Angels Achilles Pattern Land Raider: FINISHED

Ok that took a while, but everything worth while takes effort. I think this one was well worth it.  And as always, parting with my new child will be difficult. Give it a good home and dispense some indiscriminate justice!
95% airbrushed .  3 decals applied and blended in, mostly, stupid stubborn air gaps.  Cutting decals over armor pannels is annoying at best.  Lens glare brushed.  Metal chips and track dirt sponged. All else airbrush work. 

For my first space marine vehicle (excludes one chaos pred) I think it turned out well.  
Next... something tinny and less involved!


  1. Absolutely incredible. You're like a magic man, I don't see how mere mortals can make a model kit look like that.

  2. Simple, Obsession to make something pretty =) and loosing an extra hour of sleep each night for a week, lest it take 2+ weeks

  3. Was your client an alumnus of the 10th Mountain Division?

    1. I believe he still is. =) And I believe, and hope, he and his unit came back recently and without casualty.

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