Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dust Tactics Mech On The Hunt

Finished the mech.   Mainly focused on a bit of sacrificial weathering  and a few bullet holes and dirt/burns. Simple and dirty.   There are very subtle highlights on the camo but given the contrast of the weathering the texturing is lost unless you look really close.  Still I like the effect and it was fairly quick and easy for a relaxing painting session.  Bullet holes are admittedly a bit sloppy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Daddy Dictator, Get'em!

 Finally got good pictures of the Khurasan Dictator.  Ill be using him as a sentinel for 28mm minis.   If your lucky you go up against the little guy, or even a bunch of little guys.  If your unlucky you get the big shielded daddy wielding the absurdly large cannons. 

And my composite set. right click view image to enlarge.  Ill have a few pics of it in action eventually for my UFO game.

Edit: or should it read

Resistance is futile, you will be obliterated.    

Sorry I had to. =)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Painted Sports Car from 3d print.

Finished the crawler, though Itll be a few days before I get a good pic of it. Im leaving it shiny and so it takes a concerted effort to get non-glaring photos of such a mech.  But its beautiful shiny in person. Also finishing up the commanche RAH 66.  Adding a missile and basing it.

But as for the 3d models here is a picture of my abosolute favorite of the set (finished about a year ago). the Viper sport.  I only ever 3d printed 1 and was so in love I painted it rather than trying to recast it.  Besides, recasting this sucker would have been a pain.   Ive tweaked the design to make it a 4part model or so for casting but I dont see enough of a need to have more.  This one too was so shiny it took a while to figure out how to get a good picture.  You still cant quite see the iridescent effect of the deep teal green on the fuel-cell fenders. I know many people cant take my style of painting,   Im sorry. but only slightly =)  Camo is moderately easy,  this is hard and awesome!  The central area is supposed to be a glass material with a very busy HUD cockpit.  The wheels glow just because its cool and they felt left out otherwise.

And an early picture that had several of my cars painted up as high-tech as I could get them.  As with everything else in the line shiny organic and very busy.   Notice the switch blade bike (lower left) has a nice reflection of the dusk horizon on the cockpit.  

Ill try to find the nautilus pics tomorrow.

Cars now!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Website Maintainance and 3D Modeling

I did a bit of website maintenance today to my commissions site  It needed it.  Will add more later but for now at least cleaned up the gallery of some of the crappier paint jobs from 5 years ago and added some 3d renders to the 3d commission page.  Painting is my main passion, but when I cant find the model I want, I make it!

Here are a couple of my favorites. As you can see I love my organic designs.  Though Ive done a lot of techy designs too.  Pictures of painted versions of these will be up in a few days.

The Nautilus Dreadnaught, Fleet scale. I had a sketch of this guy for years and it was him that prompted me to learn modeling for miniatures.  

The Deathray Organic Interceptor.  Bred for space and high atmospheric combat, this Banshee rips through enemy formations without mercy. 

 The Viper Sports car.  Uses external polymer fuel cells linked directly to the induction wheels.  Extremely powerful, recharges in the sun (albeit slowly) but has no effective armor and a single bullet, or piercing piece of road debris penetrates the fuel cells and causes catastrophic shorting and ignition of the fuelcells.  The high durability glass-ceramic cockpit is the only saving grace for its driver.  Depicted here with pulse rifle and particle cannon addons. 

The Macromphal Breach carrier.  Big brother to the Nautilus Dreadnaught above.  Dont even try to approach it with anything larger than a bomber, you wont get close.  Four high power rail cannons will track and splash anything larger than a corvette because Sir Isac newton is the deadliest...... in space.

Friday, November 8, 2013

15mm Hell Divers "airbrushed"

Harold at Clear Horizon sent me a few of his Hell divers as a challenge and I was happy to try it since they are roughly the size of my nozzle assembly.   I tried and found you can put 3 into my small paint cup for the airbrush.  So I tried my best to do a camo and hydrophobic wash on them. And with one did a quick little modeling of a rocket firing.  These are 95% airbrushed.  The reflection spots on the helmets are the only exception.

And a minigun drone I'm painting to be a near future sentry drone for my UFO games. Im hoping to do something like him but a lot more detailed and complicated on either a Khurasan Crawler or Antenociti spider.... We shall see

Next, a peek at something I hope to finish in a few weeks. As long as I can figure out how to finish him. 

And finally, I made these scabbards a few weeks ago for a couple swords.  I need to figure out how Im going to upholster them.  I was thinking airbrushing a "gold leaf" pattern into them...  Glossy varnish doesn't photograph well without a light booth. Perhaps Ill not be lazy next time and set it up.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fighting orb skimming into action.

Since I finished the big project I went small.  I have a few of Clear Horizons troops challenging my airbrush skills (the little suckers are about the size of my nozzle assembly!)  and some stuff for Khurasan.  First one finished so far is one of his new fighting orbs.

I initially finished this one glossy but, gloss is a pain in the rear to photograph, so I matted it.  Ill probably make it glossy again for my display shelf.   I like shiny.

 99% airbrushed, exception is the eyes.  I particularly like the Halo'ish red-violet personal armor.  Remember this little guy is not much bigger than my nozzle.  Yea that was fun to airbrush.

Ooh shiny... Photoshopped in pulse firing, of course.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Iron Angels Achilles Pattern Land Raider: FINISHED

Ok that took a while, but everything worth while takes effort. I think this one was well worth it.  And as always, parting with my new child will be difficult. Give it a good home and dispense some indiscriminate justice!
95% airbrushed .  3 decals applied and blended in, mostly, stupid stubborn air gaps.  Cutting decals over armor pannels is annoying at best.  Lens glare brushed.  Metal chips and track dirt sponged. All else airbrush work. 

For my first space marine vehicle (excludes one chaos pred) I think it turned out well.  
Next... something tinny and less involved!