Saturday, November 29, 2014

X-COM Taurus class XPC

The Incursion response force has another XPC online for local rapid response teams to hold ground until the X-com troops arrive.  Originally an APC developed for use by the local police forces to repress the ever frequent civilian uprisings.  With the ever frequent and violent incursions by UFO's many segments of humanity finally stopped killing eachother and focused their efforts on killing a far superior foe.

For this guy I tried two different types of carbon fiber.. because it looks cool! =)

This taurus apc made by puppetswar miniatures.

GTK Prowling for trouble

Taking a break from the eldar titans stomping all over my painting table I pushed a couple personal projects through the production line.  One of them this beautifully designed GTK from antenocitis workshop.  I decided to play with some more iridescent styled carbon fiber effects based on some coatings Ive seen from thin film coatings on some specialized optics recently. I kept the orange axles the original creator of the design rendered his design with .

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Revenants, Two half twins

Their twin revenant will be up shortly, but until then here is the first two halves of the two sets of revenant Titan twins.   Once again the emblems are airbrushed with custom stencils and a bit of finesse.

 The Emblem tail is modified for titans. a Scorpion tail with a drop of blue poison.