Thursday, November 26, 2015

More Quad Painting and a Deep one.

Spending a lot less time on these guys, I picked a theme that worked well with the props I put on them at the time. Mostly tuned these guys fly quite nicely.Its too bad most quads dont have bodies to paint.  I could do some nice racers.

and a Deep one quickly painted with the airbrush.  I liked the skin texture I put on him but may have made it a bit subtle. .

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bit of a side track with FPV racer XBR black bolt

Trying to get some momentum after life steps in I chose to do an easy canopy for an FPV racer, the XBR blackbolt.
The carbon fiber is the frame, I didnt paint it.  I just painted the canopy on the top. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Victory Star Destroyer: Prepare to launch all fighters!

A second commission had me painting three VSD's for starwars armada.  However one of them we decided to play with opening the bays... because I really wanted to and he thought it would be a good idea too=)  With a bit of searching online to see how to split one of these guys open we found what I needed and I then went to work hacking the bays out and remodeling them to look like they open up to launch or receive fighters en mass.  I like the landing lights leading to the blue atmospheric force-field... Maybe someone will want me to light up a VSD next....

new tough challenges please! There are also a few new interesting Titans out there that are screaming for a nice paintjob.

Since ive already shown the first of the 3 VSD's I wont bother showing its twin as it's very similar.

Assault Frigates Back From the Front

For the first set we have two nearly identical Mk II Assault frigate commissions.

Painted to look like they had several armor panels replace since they left dock, several replacing badly damaged section leaving discontinuities in the damaged armor panels.  I left the bottoms darker to add a bit more depth and scale to these guys.   However, since they are very similar looking, here is just a single set.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Knight of the Oldest Repulic...

Well I dont know if the Eldar believe in republics but you try telling him whats what.

This is the second of the wraiths painted, and since GW gave this guy so many parts he is quite articulate with only minor part modifications.   This guy is magnetized and pinned all over to hold this pose yet still be dismantled.  And every weapon shipped with him was painted and magnetized as well for near complete swap ability.

My marching orders on him was "dynamic"  so I figured this guy, in capable of flight like the revenants would rely on running.  Therefore I decided to have him charging across the battlefield lopping off heads with abandon.  Lesser units get out of the way or be bisected.  Greater units.... Go for the kneecaps!  They'll topple like an OAK!!!

Oh yea, I also had to have him make some sense carrying cannons instead.. .boring cannons.   So the second set is of him cannonized charging by ventilating the stuffy marines and nids. with high energy discharges. .

Wraith Lord.. Or is it Starlord...

Finished a commission for a wraith lord and wraith knight.  Now I just have to slog through the hundred pictures.   I finished this set for the Wraith Lord though it was tough as he has quite a few weapon configurations and the Client paid to have them all painted.   Well I cant paint something and not take a picture of it...

Both this and the upcoming Knight were painted with their sword as the primary motivator for the pose, but the poses were also done to make their alternate weapon configurations look reasonable.   The Lord, being a lithe little guy (yea little compared to the titans ive been doing lately) has been posed to be in a deeper stance than his casting allows but about another 10-15 degrees on one leg which I cut and rescultped.  He wanted poses that were more dynamic than most people do so...Since I wasn't allowed to make him jump or fly(admittedly wouldn't make sense but I like dynamic challenges) I decided a quick turning dodging stance as he beheaded an aggressor who thought flanking a Wraith Lord with a sword was a good idea... It wasnt.

And obviously the weapon glow in the first picture is edited.

Also, Thank you to Nadya of HopeRiver  for the referral.  Looking over her site it was impressive and I had to add it to my inspiration list on the right of this blog =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Starwars Armada VSD: RNS Relentless

Here is a nice little comission for a victory class star destroyer.
The client wanted the towers on the bridge to be both fore facing so I did a minor remodel of the bridge section with a bit of green stuff.  If he is interested in another commission for two more I may end up doing more complicated remodel of at least another VSD.

This one is the RNS Relentless complete with a compliment of Ties.

The client wanted a custom logo of the imperial gear on top of the red and yellow emblem of the old Venator star destroyers.  The "command stripes" are likewise honoring the predecessor ships.  I generated custom decals for the ship designation and registry as well as the roundellas.

Now I need to figure out the xwings which are a trick, even more so than the ties, since the fighters are about the size of the airbrush nozzle head.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cyberpunk Heli-Drone

This is a Cyberpunk Heli-Drone  taken from a GITS Jigabachi AV drone and painted in a kryptek inspried camo style.

I removed the minigun turret that hangs below the chopper like a.. nutsack... because it was a... nutsack.  I just couldnt take it. So I Chopped it off!  Let that image run around in your head.

But now with that ridiculous thing amputated I think we have a very nice helicopter drone small enough for 28mm to skim low in the cityscape and pickoff hackers with prejudice.

The stencil for the warped hex camo, kryptek inspired, was acquired from Anarchymodels.  But be warned. I designed it and thus it takes a lot of patience to apply and a lot more to remove.

Blood Raven Thunder Crow

Playing with a Puppetswar thunder crow painting it in a blood raven simple scheme.

I replaced the "standard" minigun wing cannons with a dual autocannon set.  I thought it looked meaner as a tank buster.

Friday, February 13, 2015

DEA's night stalker, Hackers Beware

The DEA (Data Enforcement Agency) just got a new bird for their no-knock penthouse raids in the big cities.  The dragonfly can be outfitted to carry troop or mech drop modules, or can be armed to the teeth for emergency renovations.   This Dragonfly mk 2 is a puppets war mini painted in a warped hex  or kryptek like night camo for the big city.  Hackers, beware, the Data Enforcement Agency will find your node and they will jack you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Phantoms haunting the nightmares of chaos

Because I just cant take their pointy rears that seriously.   Though I do respect them more than the blue boys.   Still, they die so nicely when introduced to mono-filaments or micro singularities.  This is the first round of pictures, a few closups after Ive had some sleep.

First the Sword wielding phantom titan.  having just sliced open a land raider like a can of soup it braces to send another poor victim into oblivion.

And second a Phantom getting rather tired of the pointy's attempts at air superiority, it decides to release a micro-singularity into the beak of the flying pest, and scatter its remains with a healthy dose of missiles. Give a hunk of steel wings and a dragon head, it still is just as predictable as a hunk of pointy steel flying through the air.  Even space marine targeting computers could plot that firing solution.

Any clients want me to splatter a few silly space marines.. Im almost always game.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Heirophant Bio Titan: Rippin it on Pandora

When I was contacted for this comission I was given a guide of red-yellow-green on the armor and blue-gray on the  fleshy areas.  How exactly was left to me as well as nearly everything else.  The basic mental image he gave was a nid that adapted to pandora and so was very colorful as the other creatures in Avatar.

After thinking on it, and his willingness to indulge my disdain for space marines, I decided to have some sacrificial marines for this big guy.  But he didn't like me impaling a few of them on the face tusks, so thinking more on it I realized, this is pandora....  "it will chew you up and spit you out"  and for the most part a squad of marines shouldn't even be a speed bump for a Heirophant.   And so I realized I wanted several of the marines to get gored by the Titan,  several more dissolving from splash of its corrosive cannons, or the ambient plume around the Heirophant, a few more getting very friendly with the local flora, and one who.. tripped    Ooops.

And to make it disassemble, the tail separates midway up with a magnet and two brass rods to guide and stabilize the body.     

Saturday, January 10, 2015

SharkMountedLasers: Retro Houses

And after a loong time on the backburner, Finally finished these nice little MDF retro sci-fi houses.
SharkMountedLasers offers an ever growing selection of these nice little sci-fi buildings among other terrain and airbrush supplies. 

Nerf Magnus: Sci-Fi Sidearm

Finished a long backburner project of a nerf gun painted with a quasi warped hex camo or a kryptek style camo, more for style than camo effectiveness.  Now, point me at some reavers.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Spider Bot closing for the kill

And the last of the minis I managed to finish a few days ago.

An Antenocitis Spider Bot.
When I first saw this guy I admit I didnt like the design.  I thought its legs and body were too lacking in detail, too simple.  Then the more I thought about it I realized it was perfect it just needed the right explanation.   My old Wraithlord was my first major experiment in making a mini look like it has glass/crystalline armor.  This was the perfect canvas for a second round.

The spider hunter/killer is a war machine under the guise of a security droid designed initially for point defense security at major corporate headquarters.  Agile and heavily armed and armored, this security drone can handle all but the most dedicated corporate threats your company is likely to encounter.  armored with monolithic cobalt doped aluminum oxide glass/crystal composite, or "glassy sapphire" over plates, these plates can shrug off military grade weapons.  The belly or substructures are the primary points of weakness.  Its primary armaments include a 10mm gatline cannon that can auto-select slug type based on the target.  The focused energy weapon is Q-switched pulse mazer weapon capable of flash boiling organics, or frying mid level shielded electronic computers and cybernetics.  The weapons can be targeted directly and are more susceptible to damage than the hull.    However, since the main hull is highly survivable, even suffering the loss of its primary weapons, it sports an ultrasonic resonant retractable crystalline scythe in each of its forelegs.  Each blade is capable of cutting through inch thick steel armor in a single swipe. They also allow it to scale buildings, assuming the skin of the building is strong enough to take the weight of the spider as its blades are cutting into it.

The primary saving grace to anyone facing this machine of death is its power consumption is so demanding it can only engage in active combat for a few minutes untethered.  Unfortunately, any corporation using such a sentry will have multiple rapid charge stations situated about the premises in hull-down defensive areas.   Only a well placed grenade or pre-planted charge stands a chance of interrupting the charge cycle.

Enforcer Mech on station

A puppetswar enforcer Mech.  I had quite a variety of mix and match weapons to put on this guy but in the end I thought as an "enforcer" a set of hands and electron flux cannons were the way to go for crowd suppression and riot control.   The electron flux cannons are also very effective in slug fests with other mechs or cyborgs without risking enormous collateral damage.  The big corporations don't take kindly to handling lawsuits that could easily have been avoided.

I decided to airbrush this guy fairly simply as he had so much armor detail the other ideas in my head would have disappeared among the armor plates.

Going for Speed.

The Antenocetis Hawker Evora hover car.  A nice simple angular design makes painting and estimating reflection/refraction angles very easy. Great for the coporate getaway after a hostile takeover.  Watch out for those speed traps, I hear they have mechs backing them...