Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cyberpunk Heli-Drone

This is a Cyberpunk Heli-Drone  taken from a GITS Jigabachi AV drone and painted in a kryptek inspried camo style.

I removed the minigun turret that hangs below the chopper like a.. nutsack... because it was a... nutsack.  I just couldnt take it. So I Chopped it off!  Let that image run around in your head.

But now with that ridiculous thing amputated I think we have a very nice helicopter drone small enough for 28mm to skim low in the cityscape and pickoff hackers with prejudice.

The stencil for the warped hex camo, kryptek inspired, was acquired from Anarchymodels.  But be warned. I designed it and thus it takes a lot of patience to apply and a lot more to remove.

Blood Raven Thunder Crow

Playing with a Puppetswar thunder crow painting it in a blood raven simple scheme.

I replaced the "standard" minigun wing cannons with a dual autocannon set.  I thought it looked meaner as a tank buster.