Monday, July 9, 2018

DS9: (site almost back to normal)

After a long time of being lazzy, and preferring to do real work rather than update a website I started refreshing the broken image links from the blog after the photobucket exodus.    But to kick off the repair work I will post a present I made for my mother, an avid DS9 fan.  For her birthday she got a DS9 and her choice of 3 ships, she chose the refit enterprise, the solar sail ship, and a Klingon BOP.   The background is just a gaming mat I made years ago for space games since it had a supermassive black hole with superluminal jets... that looks a bit like a wormhole.

all models, to the best of my ability, are roughly 1:2500 scale. 

Now back to the diesel-punk air armada!