Monday, March 4, 2019

VR Pneumatic Recoil Rifle Stock: DIY Part 3: Simple Foregrip

Fore grip/hand guard-------------------------------
Im not a fan of VFG's for a variety of reasons and prefer to grab the handguard.  Therefore, molding a pistol grip on to the controller for what is typically my supporting hand didn't make sense.  Further, I whatever I put on it shouldn't be too unwieldy as a pistol grip for when I'm using the hand for the sidearm in a pinch.  But long story short, the controller grips are too thin,  a simple 1 3/4 to 2" OD pvc section 4 inches or so long,  milled or drilled with some slots to simulate a keymod handguard,  cut out button slots and we have a workable very cheap and simple solution. Plane the surfaces to a quasi octagon and you have a nice slip over handguard analog for the fore grip. Squeeze hard to temporarily deform it to be ovular for insertion/extraction and the battery cover is easy to get to. no glue needed.  The spring force clamps the controller grip nicely and gives you a larger firmer grip to prevent hand cramp and help with your grip related propreoception for the supporting hand. 

Part 1: Intro and disclaimer
Part 2: Trigger and grip mod:
Part 3: Fore grip Mod:
Part 4: Modifying the Haptic for a signal
Part 5: Pneumatic Recoil parts and Fire Control Circuit 
Part 6: Scent Module

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