Tuesday, March 5, 2019

VR Pneumatic Recoil Rifle Stock: DIY Part 6: Smells like Burning

Ok we have a device that works and works pretty well... but something is still missing.  Got the grip, the trigger, and the recoil... but the nose is left out.

So we make a scent module.

This one takes advantage of the vent gasses and uses the restricted line with a reservoir to make a scent chamber.  Simply take some wire mesh (large surface area) roll it up, and burn something (paper, charcoal, fireworks, on it SAFELY.  don't burn your house down.  do small quantities at a time,  very small.

Once you have enough blackened toxins (yes burned stuff is usually toxic so don't overdue it) roll it up and spray some machine or gun lubricant into the mix.

Now seal it up and with every shot you get a faint whiff of motor oil, burned metal, and fireworks... not perfect but noticeable for the immersion.

For an electronic version you could simply put a fan on it to turn on with every firing.   Plus the filter and reservoir help to decelerate the mass on the return stroke so its multi use.

Part 1: Intro and disclaimer
Part 2: Trigger and grip mod:
Part 3: Fore grip Mod:
Part 4: Modifying the Haptic for a signal
Part 5: Pneumatic Recoil parts and Fire Control Circuit 
Part 6: Scent Module

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