Monday, November 18, 2013

Website Maintainance and 3D Modeling

I did a bit of website maintenance today to my commissions site  It needed it.  Will add more later but for now at least cleaned up the gallery of some of the crappier paint jobs from 5 years ago and added some 3d renders to the 3d commission page.  Painting is my main passion, but when I cant find the model I want, I make it!

Here are a couple of my favorites. As you can see I love my organic designs.  Though Ive done a lot of techy designs too.  Pictures of painted versions of these will be up in a few days.

The Nautilus Dreadnaught, Fleet scale. I had a sketch of this guy for years and it was him that prompted me to learn modeling for miniatures.  

The Deathray Organic Interceptor.  Bred for space and high atmospheric combat, this Banshee rips through enemy formations without mercy. 

 The Viper Sports car.  Uses external polymer fuel cells linked directly to the induction wheels.  Extremely powerful, recharges in the sun (albeit slowly) but has no effective armor and a single bullet, or piercing piece of road debris penetrates the fuel cells and causes catastrophic shorting and ignition of the fuelcells.  The high durability glass-ceramic cockpit is the only saving grace for its driver.  Depicted here with pulse rifle and particle cannon addons. 

The Macromphal Breach carrier.  Big brother to the Nautilus Dreadnaught above.  Dont even try to approach it with anything larger than a bomber, you wont get close.  Four high power rail cannons will track and splash anything larger than a corvette because Sir Isac newton is the deadliest...... in space.

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